Manufacturing & Shipping



BDG, Elements and Rental ships within 4-6 weeks of order.

Custom BDG, Elements and Rental ships within 6-10 weeks of order.

Fine Quality ships within 6-8 weeks of order.

Shipping Options:

Shipping is not conducted in a “direct to customer” manner, unless otherwise agreed with the school or customer prior to purchase. We must follow guidelines from Schools, School Districts, and many other influencing factors to deliver our products. In most cases, all items are ordered and then delivered as a group in coordination with the school at a time and location approved by the school. 

The shipping fees seen on most orders are from the supplier to our warehouse. We (the company) then deliver items in the approved locations and times. We are happy to discuss shipping and delivery prior to purchase. Due to the nature of our business, there will be no refunds based on lead times. This is because almost all delivery options are controlled by other parties. We are making no changes from prior years. The only change is that we are now forced to take orders online via third party systems due to Covid-19 access restrictions. 

In some cases we do ship directly home if certain conditions are met. In those cases we operate like any other retailer and ship home by USPS Priority Mail. Typically our shipping fees are flat rate (per order) or included in the item price. 

For order that are “late” or some in the spring, we may ship these directly home as we will have stock to do so at that time. There will be shipping fees associated with that compounded with a late order fee. 

Orders placed in the fall (our normal sales cycle) will be delivered at no or little cost to the customer. Our goal is to do what we have done in the past and deliver to you and / or your school at no cost. 

For all Jostens product, please see their policies and note their rules apply as we only act as a sales channel for the company.

MANUFACTURING & DELIVERY (when applicable)

For all deliveries, please allow 3-5 additional business days for standard shipping or 1-2 additional business days for express shipping..

For orders shipped directly to the consumer, rates vary by destination, not by quantity.

Prices shown in US dollars cover Packaging, Handling, and Delivery charges. Express shipping is also available for an additional fee of $20 for college regalia.