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Showcase School pride in style with our collection of stunning school class rings.
Browse our multiple designs and order one that best suits you, your activities and interests and your School spirit.

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How to get an accurate finger size:


You’ve customized the perfect ring from metal to stone. Nice work. Now it’s more important than ever to ensure your incredible new ring fits. If you don’t know your ring size, that’s no problem. Figuring it out is easier than you think.

  1. Ask your local Jostens Representative for a Ring Sizer.
  • Contact us here
  • Stop by our Melbourne Office and we will size your finger.
  • Come see samples at our local Melbourne office.
  1. Ask your Jostens Representative for a Ring Sizer at school.
  • Click here to head your school store.
  • Check the calendar to see when your Jostens representative is returning to your school and ask them for a Ring Sizer then.
  1. Send us a Ring Sizer Request (Jostens Corporate).
  • Go the Jostens website.
  • Under the “Customer Service” menu, click “Email Us.”
  • Follow the prompts until you reach the “Send us an email about a product” page.
  • Complete your contact information and select the option to get a free ring sizer mailed to you.